Growing Infant: 4 Tips Every New Mom Needs for Her Little One

Growing Infant: 4 Tips Every New Mom Needs for Her Little One

New moms want to be the best caretakers possible for their infants. They want to shower them with affection and keep them healthy and happy. However, moms may feel concerned that they are not doing things right or that they are doing things that could harm their babies. With these four tips, new moms can learn how to care for their infants as they grow into toddlerhood.

Get Baby to Sleep

Not only do babies need sleep to grow and develop properly, but also parents need their babies to sleep in order to get some time to themselves. Sleep can be a tricky business for infants under the age of three months. However, past this age, babies should have developed a sleep schedule for napping and nighttime sleeping. Very young babies will sleep around eight hours at night and eight to nine hours during the day.

Ask the Pediatrician

No matter how much moms have read up on how to care for infants, something out of the ordinary is bound to happen. In these instances, moms should check with a pediatrician who will know how to diagnose and treat childhood diseases. Professionals, like those at Entira Family Clinics, know that understanding what is going on with a new baby will help set moms’ minds at ease. New babies can be challenging, but the proper skill set can make the situation much easier to manage.

Know When It Is an Emergency

However, some health issues are truly emergencies when the infant should be seen in an emergency room. Moms should seek immediate care for their infants for a temperature over 100.4 in children younger than two months. Additionally, vomiting, difficulty breathing, extreme lethargy and blue or very pale skin can spell trouble.

Understand Developmental Goals

Health care providers around the world believe that children should hit certain developmental milestones at certain ages. This includes everything from babbling and talking to crawling and walking. Additionally, it includes such things as stacking blocks, looking for hidden toys and picking up small objects. Moms can ask pediatricians for a list of common developmental milestones.

No matter how much life experience a woman has, she often feels helpless, scared or confused when she brings her infant home from the hospital. Because moms only want the best for their babies, most are interested in learning as much as possible about tips that will keep their children healthy and happy. While these four tips are certainly not exhaustive, they do give moms a place to begin to feel better about what they are doing for their babies. For further questions, moms can ask board-certified pediatricians.

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