General First Aid: 4 Go-Tos For Your Family’s Kit

General First Aid: 4 Go Tos For Your Family's Kit

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General First Aid: 4 Go Tos For Your Family's Kit

Every household needs to have an emergency kit on hand in case there is a need to administer first aid. The American Red Cross indicates that this is especially true if there is are children in the home when it can sometimes seem that there is a minor scrape every day. Keeping the kit well stocked and ready for use will allow the family to address any minor issues calmly and efficiently. In the event that the situation is more serious, having a go-to plan helps the situation.

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Cuts And Scrapes

The most common event in most households is the minor cut or scrape from a fall or other incident. Having a good supply of various sized sterile pads, bandages and tape is important to address these issues. Additionally, it is important to have antiseptic solution such as hydrogen peroxide and an antibiotic cream. All of these items can be found at drug stores and grocery stores. They will most likely be the most used items in the kit.

Minor Stomach Ailments And Illness

In addition to cuts and scrapes, the tummy ache and cold can send the family to the first aid kit. The well-stocked kit includes a thermometer, aspirin, baby aspirin for children, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The kit should also have anti-diarrhea medication and laxatives. Finally, cough and cold medicine is also helpful.


Though allergy medication may not be thought of as a standard for first aid, it is extremely important in cases of accidental exposure to an allergen such as a bee sting. Antihistamines can help with the itch and swelling that can occur. If someone in the house has severe reactions to an allergen, a doctor may prescribe an epinephrine pen for emergencies.

More Serious Injuries And Illnesses

It is important to remember that there are instances when stitches, x-rays or a cast may be necessary. During these times, finding a trusted professional urgent care facility, like Emergency Care Dynamics, is important. These facilities are staffed with doctors and nurses that specialize in the urgent care field and are generally able to address injuries and illnesses that are more serious than what can be handled at home.

We all face minor emergencies from time to time. Cuts and scrapes and minor illnesses will happen. Being prepared, having the necessary supplies and having a plan for more serious situations make these times less stressful.

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4 Things You Need In Your First Aid Kit