Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Is it a boy or a girl?

Gender reveal parties have been a popular tradition for quite a while, but every year there are new and inventive ways that people actually predict their baby’s gender. It’s always fun to get your closest friends and family members together for a barbecue to mingle when revealing your baby’s gender, but the main attraction is always the reveal itself. Here are a few fun ways to reveal the gender that will really build up the anticipation and will be fun for everyone at your gender reveal party.

Colored Cupcakes

One fun and delicious way to reveal your baby’s gender is to make cupcakes with either blue or pink frosting. The blue frosting would signify it’s a boy while the pink frosting would be used if you’re having a baby girl. If you want to make it a surprise for the proud parents, you can have the gender results mailed to a close friend or family member so they can prepare the cupcakes and hand them out at the appropriate time. For some extra suspense, you can even blindfold the parents so that when they open their eyes they learn for the first time what gender their baby is based on the color of the frosting. Or use food coloring on the cake mix batter and frost them with white frosting, so they can’t see the color until they bite into the cupcake.

The Envelope Method

Similar to an awards show, you can have an envelope with a card inside of it that tells you what the gender of your baby will be. Just like the cupcakes, you can have the results mailed to a delegated person so you don’t ruin the surprise ahead of time. Optionally, you can discuss it with your doctor and they can mail you the results so you can open them at your revealing party to learn the gender at the same time as everyone else.

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Using sparklers to reveal the gender of your baby is one of the newest ways out there, but it is rapidly growing in popularity. All you need to do is use either blue or red sparklers to reveal the gender, and the best part is that you can’t tell what color they are until you light them. Some people even send the results of the gender directly to the sparkler store so they can just receive a box without knowing the gender until they are lit. The downside to using sparklers to reveal your baby’s gender is that you’ll usually want to have the party outdoors because of the smoke which can be problematic if your party is during a cold month. However, there are some stores that sell wedding sparklers which don’t produce any smoke so they can be used indoors. This is probably your best bet if you can’t have your reveal party outdoors but still want to use sparklers.

These are just three fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender that will make it the best party of your gender reveal party. You can substitute anything you like, but typically you should use blue if it’s a boy or pink if it’s a girl. It’s up to you if you’d rather use different colors for your baby’s gender reveal party, but those two colors are the most commonly associated with being either a boy or girl.

Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender