Four Tips for Managing Post Partum Depression – Coping and Support

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The basic symptoms of depression can make it more difficult to break out of a depressive cycle. You lose energy and don’t want to do anything much of the time, even though remaining active could help relieve some of your symptoms. You can’t cure depression through willpower, but you can do some simple things to help minimize the symptoms so that you can take good care of your babies and enjoy your life a little bit more. The first step is to find a good therapist. Feeling better takes time, so use these tips to help you until then.

Give Yourself Smaller, Achievable Goals

During a bout of depression, normal daily goals can seem overwhelming at times. Go easy on yourself and remember that this feeling of overwhelm is being caused by an illness that you have little control over. Set new daily goals that are smaller to get you through your day. Instead of planning to do the dishes, plan to just empty the dishwasher in the morning. In the afternoon, plan to fill the dishwasher. At the end of the day, you will have a clean kitchen and realize some success, no matter how small it may seem compared to a normal routine.

Go Out, Even When You Would Rather Stay In

Isolation only intensifies the symptoms of depression. When you are depressed, it can be difficult to force yourself to go out into public. Being with others can help ease your depression, though. You don’t have to plan outings with friends or family, but you do need to go out to places where there are other people. Visit a library for a few hours. Go to the mall and treat yourself to a snack while you watch the shoppers pass by. The simple act of leaving the house will help you keep the depression at a milder level because you are remaining in action.

Physical Activity Can Help

Exercise is one of the most natural ways to fight depression. When you work out, your body produces endorphins that cause your mood to lift and give you extra energy. You can start small and work your way up to more intense exercise workouts if you need to. Going for a short walk in the sun can do a large amount of good. Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for older adults who battle depression because it helps them center their thoughts while it provides physical exercise. Find someone who will exercise with you so that you have an external push to get up and move when what you would rather do is lie in bed.

Build a Network of Trusted Friends and Family

Support systems are vital to coping with depression. Your friends and family are anxious for you to feel better, and they are usually happy to help you work through the tough days. Call someone when you realize you are suffering. Join an organized depression support group where you can talk with others who are dealing with the same problems you deal with on a daily basis. You will be surprised how much better you can feel when you know you are not facing these problems alone.

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