Four Fun Getaways for Busy Moms

Four Fun Getaways for Busy Moms

As a mom, youll likely be friends with other moms who support you through the ups and downs of rearing your young ones. Youll chat at playgroups, and youll meet as you collect the children from school. Youre friends, but almost exclusively through your kids. Its a good plan to do a little bit of calendar coordination, drop your kids at their Grandparentsfor a weekend, and have the time to meet fellow moms on your own terms to build a genuinely fun friendship. Here are some ideas to maximize the fun in those small windows of time.

Dinner and Drinks

Its a classic and may seem unimaginative, but you chalk off a lot of the important bonding parts of an event with dinner and drinks. You can go for a nice couples’ dinner, but its perhaps a better bet to send the men off out to a bar and have the girls around the table for some good food, great wine, and better company. Sharing your household and your cuisine with fellow moms will make you more intimate and close, and spending an evening drinking and chatting in this way will allow you to vent as a group in ways that are difficult when you meet with your children.

Day Activities

This one applies even for free days while the kids are together at school. Get a group of you organized for a day of fun activities – whether its bowling, seeing a film, shopping or skydiving! Check out the likes of the Evansville Escape Room, which promises puzzle-solving antics, for a fusion of team building hilarity and genuine thrilling fun. The same goes for a wide variety of classes – from yoga and meditation right through to language classes and painting.

Exercise and Sport

You may be thinking “Oh no, Im shattered as it is already– but exercise is actually a great way of injecting energy into your life, not least through happy brain chemicals in the form of endorphins. This might be a slightly daunting step to take on your own, which is exactly why you should rope in your mom friends who likely will benefit from a new healthy habit too. Whether it be swimming, jogging, boxing classes, and Pilates sessions, breaking a sweat as a group will bond you together, while the company will make the harder moments far more fun and enjoyable.

Getaways and Retreats

To really bust the stress of motherhood and luxuriate for a day, an evening or a weekend, get a group of you together and head off on a trip that’s just for the moms. Maybe youd prefer a city break in a new place, a spa in the mountains, or a lodge by a lake – whatever it is that you decide upon, youll have a huge amount of fun, and youll return to your family glowing with a renewed energy and optimism, and closer friends besides.

All moms know that its not an easy job, bring up kids. Use your time together when away from the kids to make close friendships and happy memories so that youre able to bring that positivity into your family too.