5 Fashion Tips For Parents Shopping For Their Tween Girl


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Shopping for tweens is no less than a stressful ordeal for many parents. The tweens of today have access to trends of the whole world which are changing rapidly. They want to be seen, and they want to appear trendy. Often, they want to buy outfits that they don’t necessarily need, but they want to own it to look cool – and it becomes a bone of contention between the tweens and their parents. This makes fashion shopping exhausting for both to some extent.

However, fashion shopping for your tween can become much easier if you have the right tools for research and the mindset to communicate your plans with your tween. Below are 5 effective tips for you if you often shop for your tween girl.

1. Prepare a Budget

It’s not unusual for you to go a little overboard while shopping for your tween girl – we’ve been there, too. With so many options available and the trends changing every week, it’s a little challenging to buy only a few items for their wardrobe. To prevent overshopping, the first thing to do is prepare a budget.

Financial experts usually suggest allocating 5% of your budget to clothes. If you have a new tween girl at home, you might want to consider allocating the largest portion of your fashion shopping budget to her to start. You can always reduce it later to match with the other family members.

Preparing a budget and shopping with your tween girl will also teach her money management – knowledge she can utilize later in her life.

2. Check the Trends

While many of us adults don’t worry much about what’s raving, our tween children care a lot about the trends. Having access to social media paves the way for it. Pay attention to the ongoing trends before buying clothes for them. The easiest way to do it is to check websites of brands that sell clothes for tweens. Shops such as H&M, Lulus.com, American Eagle Outfitters, and haydengirls.com list massive collections of trending clothes that are available at affordable prices. They also have a size list for their collection, so you get all information in one place.

Please keep in mind that following trends is not important. High-end fashion brands bring out a new collection every other week, and it can be heavy on your pockets. Try mid-range brands that come with trendy designs at affordable prices if you are looking to save a few bucks.

3. Consider Personal Style

Every child is different, and their style becomes more prominent in their teen days. So make sure to pay attention to their styles when picking out items for their wardrobe. Is there a particular type of clothing that your teen likes more than the others? Is there a particular color that they prefer? Observe them well before buying clothes for them, or discuss their preferences before making the decisions. There can be disagreements as teens want to wear what they believe to be trendy, and it can be challenging when you’re on a budget, but it’s not hard to create a guideline for every clothing item to buy for your tween.

4. Add Accessories

Accessorizing is an affordable way to make any outfit trendier. Every fashion brand comes with unique accessories that you can include in your tween’s wardrobe. Add a belt, use small jewelry, or choose monochrome purses and leggings to complete the look. While getting accessories, try to include colors that pair well with most other ones.

The plus side of getting accessories is that your tween might never outgrow them. So, you can go for both small-end and high-end brands. Pick timeless accessories that might never go out of style, such as scarves and handbags.

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5. Check Second-hand Store or Thrift Shopping

Fashion shopping can be expensive. Despite being a wide array of fashion brands in the market, the price of a full wardrobe remains out of reach for quite a large portion of the population. However, there are various second-hand stores that resale clothes that are in pretty good condition. Thrift stores also have large collections. While the designs might not exactly be the same as some high-fashion brands, you can surely find ones that look similar. They also offer heavy discounts throughout the year – so keep an eye out.

You can also find online stores that rent clothes. If your tween is attending an event and needs a quick makeover, you can search these stores for unique fashion items.

Fashion shopping for tweens is not easy, but it is not hard, either. The plethora of choices confuses both the parents and the teens, indeed. But having access to the right research methods and convincing your tween to go for sustainable clothing options rather than spending on fads might just be the way to go.