Fashion Forward Baby Styling Tips

Baby Styling Tips

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There are plenty of options these days in the growing arena of children’s clothing; so, new mums interested in dressing baby from top to toe in style savvy pieces, here is an up-date:

Onesies and Rompers

Let’s face it – comfy rompers with built in socks have always been, and still are staples in every baby’s wardrobe. Luckily today the range of colours, patterns and detail is a lot more flexible and fun. Nothing beats a plain white Bond’s romper for comfort, however if you’re looking to crank it up a notch then Marquise is a good start. Their range of onesies, rompers and bodysuits incorporate gorgeous prints with durable, natural fabric. For a real attention grabber a romper with a retro cartoon print, rock legend or funny slogan will certainly steal the spotlight.

Dress-Ups for Dummies

There are many online stores specialising in costumes and themed outfits for babies. Animal suit rompers in plush fabrics catapult babies into a whole new realm of cuteness. Onesies with attached tutus, personalised T-shirts and rock-star themed pieces all make excellent “special occasion” outfits. Old favourites like the pirate, cowboy and sailor suit still become baby boys and anything diamante studded or tulle layered will certainly not detract from your baby girl’s charm. Comfort is the priority with babies so remember never to trade it off for fashion purposes.

Booties and Socks

Cosy fur trimmed booties and Ugg boots are totally hot right now. These can be teamed with bright coloured socks and cute prints. Jolly Roger print socks are great for girl and boy babies and come in lots of fun colours. Jungle prints, stripes and polka dots will also have your baby looking edgy and stylish. Leave the sheepskin booties for the cooler months of course, overheating baby in the name of style is a major fashion faux pas.


Handmade toys are making a comeback and it’s not hard to find sweet, homemade style knitted animals and handmade wooden toys. Alternatively, anything eco friendly will provide instant street credibility for the thoughtful hipster baby. Buying only organic, non-toxic wooden teething rings, natural rubber pacifiers and organic cotton comforters for baby to suck on will also give you an invaluable interlude of peace and quiet.

Funky Bedroom Decor

Now that baby is looking so fresh the nursery may need a re-think. Clever decorating short cuts can turn the nursery into a ‘cool pad.’ Cut out pleasant pictures from vintage golden books and place them in antique style picture frames for quirky and cheap art. Vinyl wall decor is everywhere right now and as baby changes so can the art. Your favourite vintage fabrics can be stretched and hung, made into curtains, or used as a backdrop for the cot. Coloured chandeliers make perfect light fittings that baby will like looking at, and finding them isn’t difficult. Bright shag-pile rugs add texture and much needed comfort to rooms with floor boards or old carpet. Vintage toys resting atop retro style armchairs or stools will complete the look and baby is ready to rock n roll.

These days it’s easy to impart your style and flair onto your little one. And with these tips you are guaranteed to make your bub turn heads not only because of their cuteness, but because of their own unique style and rock n roll edge!