Fascol Scooter Quality Has Outraced Micro Scooter

Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter

After the comparison of the product quality, price and performance between the Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter and Micro MAXI DELUXE, all the experts from UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in the baby kickboard field admit that Fascol scooter is better than Micro scooter in a conference named Industrial Summit in Shenzhen, China. This event is significant because it is a symbol that new coming companies are catching up the steps of old companies even outracing them.

Since then, the world recognized the strength of the new children product brand, and it will definitely boost the sales amount of Fascol in the next few months. If Fascol keep its product quality and comprehensive pre&after-sales service like last few years, Fascol will reach a new total selling amount exceeding 157 million Euros next month without any doubt.

However, events like this always make those old brands stressed and take some action. “No one will shake our status in the children foot scooter field, and we’ll send every customers a handling belt for free next month without lowing down our product quality.” Commented in panic a spokesperson from Micro kickboard company. ”What’s more, our product is the most safe scooter in the world because we have safety certified by the CPSC at hand, our products are certificated!”. But when the reporter talking this with Jesse Smith, the CEO of the Fascol company, he replied with confidence, “There is no need to stress that, we’ve got the CPSC three years ago.”

It’s common that old company always try to set up some thresholds to keep away new companies away from their filed. However, Micro scooter seems helpless this time. As to the product patent, it is also indisputable that Fascol has its own designer in Germany and release new version of footer scooter every year. It is terrible to meet new competitors step in the same field and share the same market that it usually owned before. What’s more terrible, the competitor is eligible to pass all the thresholds they’ve set.