Exercising for Two – A Few Safe Workouts to Try When you are Pregnant

Exercise Safety during Pregnancy: 8 Workouts to Avoid

Every pregnancy is different. This means that some women will stay active for nine months, while others trade workout routines for morning sickness and fatigue—and plenty of women will fall somewhere in between these two groups. While it is important to stay somewhat active during your pregnancy, many women worry about appropriate exercises that will ensure the safety of their growing baby. Yes, you don’t want to over-exert yourself or do anything to jeopardize your baby’s health, but there are still plenty of physical activities appropriate for pregnant women of varying strengths. If you want to stay active throughout your pregnancy, here are a few safe workouts that you might try:


This might not seem like a “workout,” but walking is a simple, yet effective form of exercise. Walking daily can make a huge difference while pregnant. The key to walking during pregnancy (as with any exercise) is not to overdo it. A brisk 20 minute walk keeps the body active and the legs flexible, and that energy will make a difference for the baby as well. A woman who keeps fit is more likely to give birth to a healthy baby because her body is more prepared for the stress of childbirth. Even those who experience nausea and fatigue can strive to walk a few times a week in order to improve their health, and prepare for the birth.


Swimming lightens the feeling of body weight, thus making it extremely safe to do while pregnant. An exercise routine that reduces the risk of twisted ankles or possibly falling against the womb are the best choices for soon-to-be mothers. According to professionals who provide swimming lessons for infants, swimming works out the arms and legs, which keeps moms in shape—and since they cannot feel the extra weight of pregnancy, also keeps them relaxed. For an exercise routine that will take the strain off your back and legs, and provides a lower impact for your joints, try swimming to stay in shape during pregnancy.

Low-Impact Aerobics

Pregnancy aerobics classes can be extremely beneficial to pregnant women at many stages. Regular aerobics tend to be too high-activity for someone who is pregnant, but a class that is specifically geared towards a constantly growing child is an excellent way to stay in shape. The kinds of exercises used are good for both the heart and the body. Mothers can rest assured that they are not doing anything to harm their child with the help of professional coaches available. If you like to do aerobics at home, there also DVDs and programs of low-impact aerobic routines that are designed specifically for pregnant bodies.


Professional yoga classes geared towards pregnant women are a great way to keep the body toned and flexible without causing too much stress on the joints. While it is good to stretch, stretching too much can sometimes make the back or sides become cramped or tight. A mother-to-be has to be extremely aware of what she is doing, so taking yoga from a professional instructor is recommended. Not only does yoga provide a release for an aching body, but it is also a great way to clear the mind and reduce stress. Keeping a calm mind and lowering stress will contribute to a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Being active during pregnancy in the right capacity will help a mother to recover and “bounce back” after the birth, and will only a benefit a growing fetus. Remember that there are exercises to avoid during pregnancy—not all exercises are created equal when it comes to a pregnant body. By doing proper research and enlisting the help of professionals, you’ll know what to avoid and what to try. With the right information, you can stay somewhat active throughout your pregnancy and enjoy your own health, as well as the health of your child after the birth.