Educational Games For A Bright Future

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Every parent knows that kids love games. Whether it’s a classic board game or modern playground adventure, children simply seek to have fun. As we’ve covered previously, kid-friendly smartphone games provide a great way to keep children entertained while on the go. The best mobile games for youths are fun, exciting, and most importantly, educational.

Massive gaming portals provide access to countless titles. Visitors can literally spend weeks playing every genre without encountering the same game twice. For parents, the true value of a site like Poki is in its educational adventures. Instead of delving into the all-too-common world of virtual violence, try introducing your children to games that actually teach them something. All games provide an experience, but what we get out of that experience completely relies on its content.

A vast portion of Poki is devoted to “thinking games.” These are titles which challenge players’ abilities to solve riddles, piece together puzzles, and find perfect solutions. As you can imagine, this is a great way to give preschoolers a head start on kindergarten. Elementary school students can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers in dozens of math games. Older children can compete in more advanced challenges, including geography quizzes and logic tests. There are thinking games for children of all ages and skill levels. Parents, rejoice!

Many of the educational games offered at Poki feature familiar faces. When your children are playing, you’ll hear the same voices from their favorite Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, and PBS Kids shows. It’s easy to keep them interested while learning with the PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and Thomas the Tank Engine. These authentic games are an excellent way to keep your kids interested in the learning process. Bring their shows to life, and let them be part of the fun.

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No gaming portal is complete with a plentiful selection of fun titles targeted towards girls. Poki hosts hundreds and hundreds of girly adventures for your daughter. Let your child explore different fashion styles and dress up all sorts of models and Barbie dolls. Or, play with the ever-popular, gothic gals of Monster High. Girls can also learn all about certain careers, like managing a beauty salon or working as a veterinarian. Other games let your child spend a day at a virtual school, where they will interact with other students and have fun in class.

We parents need to stick together in creating the best future for our children. Their interest and involvement in playing video games seems inevitable. But, we can steer their experiences in very positive ways. Show your child how fun educational games really are, and our families will reap the benefits for generations to come.