Eating Seafood during Pregnancy is Beneficial

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I tried to eat healthy during all of my pregnancies. The hardest part was cutting out caffeine soda. There has been a lot of confusion on whether or not pregnant women should eat seafood during their nine months. Me, not being a seafood eater, didn’t have to worry about that cutting that from my diet.

While it’s proven that pregnant women should not eat fish that is high in mercury, such as shark, mackerel, swordfish and tilefish, did you know that it is actually smart to eat seafood, such as healthy tuna during pregnancy? published scientific studies about the benefits of eating seafood during pregnancy and breastfeeding duration.  Many studies revealed that mothers who eat the most seafood during pregnancy (more than 12 ounces per week) have children with the highest developmental outcomes. One study showed that children are 25% more likely to have higher developmental scores at 6 months and almost 30% more likely to have higher scores at 18 months. Another study showed that children have better visual acuity at 6 months and better mental and motor skills at 11 months.

So, not only does it appear that women who eat seafood have smart kids, but a study found that NOT eating seafood during pregnancy could lead to depression!  I admit that I did go into a depression after the twins were born, but I attributed that to the fact that they were premature with lots of complications.  Maybe I should have ate a few more tuna sandwiches after all.