Easter Gift Ideas For Tweens

Easter Gift For Tweens

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If jelly beans and bubbles aren’t quite cutting it for your pre-teen’s easter gift baskets anymore, it may be time for the Easter Bunny to get a little bit more creative with his gift selections.

Just because your tween doesn’t actually believe that a magical rabbit is bringing her a basket of gifts doesn’t mean she’s not hoping for some great surprises when she wakes up Easter morning.

Check out these Easter gift ideas for tweens that will brighten their Easter morning!

Spring for Accessories

A tisket, a tasket, a basket full of the hippest accessories would thrill any tween—boy or girl. Both genders enjoy fashionable sunglasses, belts and hats.

More items for boys include a graphic T-shirt, leather bracelets or a pair of those ultra-cool athletic shoes he’s been wanting.

Girls are easy to please with jewelry and hair accessories; some of the most popular items for tween girls right now are nail polish, personalized initial necklaces, charm bracelets, and almost anything in neon.

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A Basket of Necessities

Tweens are at an age where they’re becoming more interested in their personal appearance, and grooming products are often at the top of their list of needs.

Splurging on some fun and trendy products will give them a chance to experiment with brands their allowance won’t cover. Everything from toothbrushes to hair gel is now marketed to the tween demographic.

Fill their Easter baskets with a comb and brush set, cologne or perfume, bath and body products, makeup and hand sanitizer. Your pre-teens will look and smell like young ladies and gentlemen for Easter dinner.

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Personal Appeal

What is your tween into these days? Consider buying your young music fan a pair of tickets to see his favorite performer or a gift certificate for the coolest music store in town. Sports fans might appreciate athletic equipment or a trip to watch a local team play more than they’d appreciate a chocolate bunny.

One of the best things to happen to kids in the last decade is an explosion of books written just for tweens and young adults. A basketful of graphic novels or age-appropriate fantasy novels would make the day special for the reader in your family. Not sure what your tween or teen likes to read? “The Daring Book for Girls” or “The Dangerous Book for Boys” should be in every tween’s library.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an Easter basket for an older child; in fact, some of the best ideas may cost less than the chocolate bunnies and toys you used to buy.

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Just focus on new interests, hobbies and emerging personalities to select items for your growing child. And even if your child’s tastes have become a bit more sophisticated you can bet she’ll still want candy. Thank goodness some things never change.

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Easter Gift Ideas For Tweens