Deliver Your Baby Game for Baby Showers

Babies in Ice Baby Shower Game

Image Source: Clean & Scentsible

Items needed for this baby shower game:

  • ice cube tray(s)
  • miniature babies (available at hobby stores and online at Amazon)
  • water
  • freezer
  • clear cups (or Dixie cups will work, too)

Fill an ice cube tray (or one or two or more depending on the number of guests you are expecting) with the miniature babies. Then fill the trays up with water and freeze so the baby is “trapped” in the ice.

Hand each guest a cup filled with an “ice baby” at the beginning of the shower. The first one to “deliver” their baby wins!

The fun is when some visitors go to extreme measures to deliver their babies (i.e. use a fork to break them out or put the ice cube in their mouths to melt).

This baby shower game is also known as the “Birth Your Baby Ice Cube Game” or the “My Water Broke Game” (where the winner yells “my water broke” when their baby is ice free)!

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