Creating a Modern Design for a Kid’s Room

Creating a Modern Design for a Kid’s Room

Kids grow up fast and their rooms should grow with them. Your kid’s bedroom probably needs some redecorating and you should do your best to create a safe place where your kids can play, learn and grow. So, why not rely on some of the modern design elements? If your kids are big enough, you can even have them help you create their own sanctuary.

Shared rooms

If you have a boy and a girl who share their room, make sure to meet both of their styles and demands. Start with defining a base colour that you will use for the walls, rug and furniture, but make sure it is gender neutral. You can easily rely on some light pastel shades of gray for example and start building from there. To contrast the base colour, you can accent some areas with yellow accessories, white stripes, or some geometrical shapes in other complementary colours. When it comes to furniture, opt for pieces with clean lines and steer clear of themed furniture, such as cars, Barbie and so on. Lastly, add some neutral colours with a few lamps and window treatment. If you want to visually divide the room between your kids, you should rely on accessories and their colours. However, make sure that your kid’s stuff clearly defines their side and that will spruce up the design.

Plenty of storage

Creating a Modern Design for a Kid’s Room

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Storage space can be tricky to find because your children will have plenty of stuff they don’t want to get rid of. So, think vertically. Turn one whole wall into shelves and make sure to go high enough. Numerous shelves will provide the room with plenty of storage for all of the toys, books, and various knick knacks your kids need or want to keep. Not to mention how such shelving can create a nice accent wall and plenty of room on the floor. Also, you can opt for bins that you can neatly organize under the bed. Such storage will be sufficient and it can greatly affect the room’s design, especially if the bins are colourful and lain with fabrics.

Design for all ages

Let’s start from the beginning. If you have a baby, consider the furniture layout. You will have to tend to the baby during the night, so place the crib close to the door. If other kids are sharing the room with the baby, make sure their beds are in opposite corners or walls. If your kids are slightly older, you can incorporate the same furniture layout, but make sure to create a cosy play area. Rely on cushions, floor mats and other soft large items that will provide comfort while playing. Also, you can arrange a creative corner with a small table and chairs and make all the crayons and papers accessible to your children. However, if you have teens you will have to consult with them about their room layout. They will do most of the work, but make sure to provide them with plenty of soft fabrics, an area rug and a comfortable desk where they can do their homework. Additionally, since they are old enough, you can even set up a TV in their room. All it will take is a simple TV antenna installation and you are done.

The homework zone

Make the boring homework more enjoyable by upgrading the homework zone. Turn one smaller wall into a chalkboard wall and include a bulletin board for pinning lists, photos and some inspiration. Make sure to provide a quality desk with a comfortable chair and adjust the heights to your children. Also, provide task lighting and squeeze in some additional storage area for all the books, supplies and notebooks. Lastly, make sure the area is always tidy and inspirational and your kids won’t procrastinate while doing their homework each day.

Your children deserve the best, so make sure to pay attention to the design of their bedroom. Incorporate comfort and interesting colours, as well as some additional storage space and they will have a safe place to grow up.