What Is The Correct Temperature A Nursery Should Be And How To Maintain It

Baby Sleeping in Nursery

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Baby Sleeping in Nursery

Having a baby is a wonderful and exciting experience. From the initial thrill of discovering the pregnancy to the whirl of emotions as your baby arrives; you will feel like you are on cloud nine.

But, at some point the reality will set in and you will realize there are many questions which you do not know the answer to. This thought can be terrifying until your realize that you can find out everything you need; with just a little help.

One issue that often concerns new parents is the nursery. What is too hot or too cold?

Fortunately, this is easy to answer:

The Right Temperature For Your Nursery

You should set your thermostat for 72° F as this will ensure your house stays at 68° or higher. The best temperature for your baby during the day, or when sleeping, is between 65° and 74°.

Maintaining the Temperature

The majority of modern baby monitors have thermostats built into them. This will allow you to monitor the temperature in the nursery. If this is not an option a simple thermometer will suffice.

The following methods can help to keep the temperature in the nursery just right:

  • Cladding

Keeping a house warm is best done by insulating the house properly. This is where cladding for houses can be an exceptionally good starting point. The right level of cladding will ensure that the house is protected from the elements and assist you in maintaining an even temperature inside without the heating bills being excessive.

  • Fans

If the nursery is warming up too much in the summer then you will need to add a fan or air-conditioning unit to the room. This will help to ensure that the temperature is just right.

However, never point the unit at the baby; it should only cool the room not the baby directly.

  • Heaters

The same is true for heaters. They must warm the room and not the baby. A fan heater or similar, fast performing heat source is the best approach as you will quickly be able to rectify the room temperature.

  • Clothing

Ideally you should be able to maintain the temperature of your nursery through your heating system.  However, if this is an issue for any reason then it is best to layer your baby and check their temperature regularly.

Babies are unable to self-regulate their body temperatures, having several light layers will help to keep them warm and can be easily removed to maintain the temperature.

  • Smart System

It is a good idea to connect your heating to a smart system that you will be able to monitor remotely. This can be particularly helpful to ensure the temperature in the nursery is correct when you have been out for the day.

It is worth noting that babies tend to sleep better when the temperature is on the cooler side of the parameters set. In the spring and summer a slightly open window can be an excellent idea to keep the room cool.