How to Convince Your Toddler to Wear Their Infant Eyeglasses All the Time

Convince Your Toddler to Wear Their Eyeglasses

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Your premature infant might have some kind of eye problems that need correction by eyeglasses. But the kids don’t understand and they are not used to wear glasses. Getting them to wear baby eyeglasses can be a difficult job for you. On the other hand, it’s necessary for them to use these glasses continuously. Only consistent use can correct their eye problems. In these circumstances, parents often feel helpless and search for possible ways out through. Let’s discuss how you can get your kid use eyeglasses without any kind of discomfort.

According to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, infant eyeglasses are suggested to help with child vision development and improving vision, treatment of lazy eyes and straighten cross-eyes. These minor eye deformities can cause excessive visual damage in later life. That’s why the parents are suggested to get their premature infants eyeglasses always on.

But, how? How do you make a small kid understand the necessity of wearing glasses all the time? Here are a few suggestions, which you can follow. First practice positive reinforcement to the kid for wearing eyeglasses. You can offer a toy, or a special treat if s/he keeps the glasses wearing. Always encourage and applaud the kid while wearing the glasses.

You have to think about the comfort level of the kids as well. You must get your kid a well fitting infants eyeglass. If the gear is larger than the face, the child will be uncomfortable and unwilling to keep it on. Consider an optician to set the eyewear who has experiences in infant eyeglasses. When your baby is grown up further, change the glasses so that it always fits him. But you must choose among those infant eyeglasses which can prevent slipping from the flexible kiddy ears. Glasses with elastic bands can help you in this. They are difficult to take off for a small kid.

Infant Eyeglasses: Which Type and Material Is Better?

When you are purchasing kids equipment, you have to consider accidental mishaps. While choosing eyeglasses for infants, you have to pick something that ensures safety of a kid. Polycarbonate lenses are scratchproof which makes them perfect for your premature infant.

You will find varieties of frame based on the materials. There are plastic frames, wire rim frames, cable arms, elastic band frames and many more like these. However, choosing a good looking eyewear will make your kid interested in that product. Among all of the frame materials, plastic, wire rim and cable arms are the better products to pick. Whatever you buy, consider your kids comfort and interest in wearing his eyewear.

How to convince your toddler to wear their infant eyeglasses all the time