5 Reasons Comic Books are Great for Kids

5 Reasons Comic Books are Great for Kids

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5 Reasons Comic Books are Great for Kids

Comic books have always been viewed as mainly being for kids, and it is certainly true that children were the initial target market. While there are now comic books available to cater to all age ranges, and a multitude of different genres, comic books are still especially great for kids.

Improve Their Reading

We all want our kids to learn to read as proficiently as possible; it is not only a useful skill to have in life, it is one of the most valuable tools that they will have at their disposal as they progress through their education. In the pursuit of improving a child’s reading, there is no source that should be overlooked. It doesn’t matter exactly what children read, as long as they are reading they will improve their abilities. Comic books are just as good as any other medium for achieving this.

Comic books are generally quite simple to read and so some children may find that their own abilities soon advance beyond what comic books can teach them. However, children should always be encouraged to read. Even if the texts they read do not present a serious challenge, they can still allow them to hone and practice their skills.

Learn About Storytelling

Traditional superhero comics which are aimed at children make heavy use of a number of different storytelling conventions, this means that, while for adults the stories might feel formulaic, for children they are much easier to follow and appreciate. Comic books form an excellent introduction to the nuances of storytelling and may well help children to feel more confident should they attempt to read more advanced and complex texts.

Morality Tales

One of the fundamental features of children comics has always been the tales of good versus evil that they portray. These are therefore powerful tools for teaching children about various concepts of morality. The behaviour of superheroes is also designed to emphasise that ordinary people have the ability to change the world and to improve the lives of other people, so long as they are willing to help them.

They Make Great Rewards

Comic books are inexpensive, and they are published frequently. This means that for parents they can be purchased regularly without putting a serious dent in the family budget. Because of this, comic books can be used as effective incentives for children. Whether they are used as rewards for good behaviour, or for completing chores, comic books make for very effective incentives. As well as rewarding your child you will also be ensuring that they are practicing their reading skills.

Collecting is Fun

Kids love collecting things and given how cheap and widely available comic books are, they make for excellent collectibles. Kids might even be inspired to try and make their own comic books and there are a number of tools now available which can help them do so, for example RageMaker.net.

Comic books are an excellent opportunity for children to practice their reading skills and to gain some exposure to different storytelling methods and techniques.

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