Traditional and Classic Toys That Have Stood The Test Of Time

classic toys

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In the digital age we live in it is surprising that some toys do stand the test of time. With teenagers playing on consoles rather than riding bikes it is up to pre-school toys to keep children engaged. Which traditional and classic toys have stood the test of time?



Lego – One of the few toys to migrate from physical format to digital format Lego has certainly stood the test of time. Available since 1949 Lego has kept children all over the planet entertained and even away from the planet! In 2011 13 sets of Lego were taken onto the International Space Station.

The simplicity of Lego is something that makes them popular with children, however the endless possibilities has been key to the longevity of the toys. Not only do people create life size models using Lego, Lego have also taken the opportunity to create a number of theme parks including Lego World at Windsor.

In 2005 Lego World was sold for a total of $460 million! However, the most impressive achievement by Lego is the way they have moved from the living room floor to the console. Creating a number of videos games that add personality to the brand and bring the Lego bricks to life, Lego have managed to regularly sell thousands of copies of their video games.


One of the most popular times was Lego Batman 2, shipping 450,000 copies and topping the games charts. Find the best price on Legos at Amazon.


Board Games


Board Games – Traditional board games have also stood the test of time. Although nowadays more likely to be played by young adults looking for a bit of nostalgia, Monopoly has been around since 1903 and has hardly changed.


Despite the lack of change to the format of Monopoly, makers Hasbo have developed a number of customer versions of the board game for specific towns and even football teams. Monopoly have also broke into the games market with games for smart phones and tablet devices but will probably be most know for their sponsorship of fast food chair McDonalds.

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Playmobil toys – Developed in 1958 Playmobil toys have been popular amongst pre-school children. The very basic but familiar design means that children can immediately recognize the toys. Playmobil recognize they are associated with education and support 200 children in Weligama.


Although not as popular as the Lego franchise, Playmobil has ventured into the gaming market with ‘Playmobil Knights‘ for the Nintendo DS and ‘Playmobil Pirates.’ It seems that to stand the test of time you have got to move with the market but keep your traditions.


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Hopefully, for years to come children will continue to play with these traditional toys.