Celebrating Parenthood-5 Gifts New Parents Will Appreciate

Celebrating Parenthood-5 Gifts New Parents Will Appreciate

You just found out that your friend or family member had a child or two. You’re happy for them because you know that this an amazing life changing experience that will reward them for the rest of their lives. Now, you want to get a gift to welcome them into parenthood. The problem is that you’re just not sure what to get. You want to make sure that it will be something that is useful, appreciated or both. Relax, we are here to help give you some ideas on what to get that new parent.

Get a stroller

This one is a no-brainer. You can’t go wrong with getting a stroller. This is something that parents always need when taking their children out. There is always a time and a place for a stroller. Just make sure that the parent does not already have have one. If they haven’t bought a stroller yet, your gift will most definitely be appreciated. The best part is that the parents will think of you whenever they are pushing their pushing their kid around at the mall.

Get a crib or a bassinet

This is almost always on the new parent checklist. A baby needs a safe, comfortable place to sleep. If you can provide that for the parent, they will surely appreciate, it is great to have this need taken care of. Picking between a crib or a bassinet can be a tough decision to make though. Weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding.

Buy some bling

This one is not for the baby, it’s strictly for the parents. Let’s be real, the parents need some love too. They are in for a long, challenging, yet rewarding journey.  You can order custom rings for men and women that can have the baby’s name or initials.

Get creative and make something

I’m going to be frank with you on this one. This can be a hit or miss. However, they will always appreciate the thought that goes into creating something whether they like the gift or not. So, in that sense you really can’t go wrong with this one. The gift you make can be fun or useful. Think about their needs or wants when deciding what to make.

Get the parents a Netflix or Hulu Subscription

The parents will be doing a lot of sitting at home taking care of their new child or twins. They will be feeding their babies and changing diapers for quite a while. They will need something to look at while they are in the house changing diapers and going through baby food. A Netflix or Hulu subscription will be greatly appreciated whether they already have one or not. If they already have a subscription, even better, that is one less bill for the parents to worry about.

There you go, those are some gifts that parents will appreciate. Hopefully, that makes things a little less stressful for you and you can put a smile on a new parent’s face and welcome them into the fulfilling experience that is parenthood. While it is great to get gifts for the baby, Remember that it’s also ok to treat the parent once in a while as well. They will love it and remember you for it, so get out and start shopping or making that gift.