Baby Bottle Candy Game

Items needed for this baby shower game:
  • Baby Bottle(s)
  • Candy (i.e. M&M’s, Skittles, jelly beans)
  • Paper for answers
  • Pens (if you forget these, most guests will have a pen or two in the purse)

Game Directions:

  • Fill a baby bottle with candy.
  • Have the guests write down how many pieces of candy are in the bottle (so be sure to count as you add).
    You can have the guests do this when they first arrive, maybe while signing a guest book, or after they are all seated as a “game”.
  • The guest with the closest answer wins the bottle filled with candy, which they will turn around the gift to the mom-to-be. Jumbo Large Bottle Baby Shower Nursery Party Favor Decoration Plastic Piggy Bank (White)Baby Bottle Filled With Candy

Image Source: Pinterest