How Babies’ Eyesight Develops From Birth

Babies’ Eyesight and How It Develops From Birth

Having grown comfortably in the womb for nine months, when introduced into our world our babies grow before our very eyes, and we soon wonder where all that time went.

At birth, babies’ eyesight is really limited but soon develops into that of an adult’s by around 8 months old. Your baby will know your voice as soon as she is born (from spending all that time in your womb and knowing every aspect of your voice from the inside) she will soon learn to know your face, too.

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Eyesight at birth

From just four days old your baby will scan your face and get to know your every feature and expression. Considering her eyesight is incredibly limited at first, this shows just how much your baby is willing to get to know you!

At birth, babies can see anything from 8 to 12 inches away, so roughly the distance of when you hold her in your arms to feed. To ensure she focuses on you, put your face near hers so she can focus with ease.

It’s not the physical make-up of the eyes which affect a newborn’s eyesight; instead it’s the brain’s capability of processing all the information which stops your baby from seeing everything at birth.

Newborns prefer black and white objects as they have difficulty telling colors apart at first.

One to three months old

Your baby will now be able to use both her eyes in tandem, which is something she couldn’t do at both (the reason for newborns sometimes appearing slightly crossed eyed at first). She can now track objects, focusing on toys and objects in front of her face.

Next comes the ability to tell colors apart from each other and your baby will prefer brights such as red, blue and green, so show her bright colors in toys to encourage development.

Four months old

Now is the exciting part: when your baby can use her brain to not only see the object you’re holding to her, but actually reach out and grab it. Her brain works in tandem with her eyes to locate that soft toy and grab it right out of your hands! Give your baby toys to practice grabbing, or she may just reach out for your hair!

Five months to seven months old

Your baby is now able to recognize objects that she has previously seen. Playing peek-a-boo is great fun as she will be able to picture the object and wait for its return! Lighter shades of primary colors will also be recognized at this stage.

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8 months old

Your baby can now almost see to the level of an adult with regards to clarity and depth perception. She can now recognize people and objects she’s used to seeing even if they’re far away and will get to know those who visit her often!

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Babies’ Eyesight and How It Develops From Birth

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