All You Need To Know About Summer Fun Activities

Summer Fun Activities

As soon as spring begins to appear, I begin daydreaming of the long summer days and evenings to be spent in the garden.  The picnics outdoors, the afternoons spent in the paddling pool, the barbecues, and the evenings enjoying the sunny weather.  We love spending time outdoors and I have been working hard the past few months to prepare my garden for the summer months making it a relaxing space to spend time.  This year, I really wanted to transform the yard and make it a pretty extension of my house.

One of the greatest jobs I had this year was to remove the old metal shed taking up patio space.  The shed was a true eye-sore, so with this gone the garden appears more attractive and we have move space available to use!  This article will point out the different activities you can complete to prepare the garden for summer fun.

  1. Tidy Up The Yard

The first step to prepare the garden for the summer months is to tidy up the area.  Clear away fallen leaves, complete weeding, cut the lawn, trim bushes and trees that may be overgrown, and clear the beds of dead plants.  I am always astounded by the amount of change a few hours of tidying can do to a garden.

  1. Paint The Item

If the garden furniture is beginning to look old and worn, it is possible to give it a new “lease on life” by merely painting the item.  This is a quick and affordable method of improving furniture without needing to put too much effort into the activity.  For example, I recently painted my metal chairs and table with a combination of purple, pink, and teal.  Using this combination, along with some spray paint on the plastic garden chairs, I have added a “pop” of color to the garden!

  1. Plant Herbs

Forming a herb garden not only adds beautiful aromas to the area, but it is also an ideal method of obtaining fresh herbs for cooking purposes.  Recently, I cleared the beds in our garden of ornamental plants and created a vegetable patch with a herb bed.  In this bed, I planted thyme, mint, lavender, basil, chives, parsley, lemon balm, rosemary, coriander, and sage.

  1. Organizing Decking

Now is the ideal time to replace any old decking or even create a new decking area in its entirety.  I was considering creating a full decking area by our French windows as I enjoy sitting there in the early morning hours with my first daily cup of coffee.

  1. Lighting Items

According to Outdoor Art Pros the addition of lighting is crucial if you plan to spend several evenings in the garden.  By using solar post lights around the edges of the paths and beds, you can create a unique lighting feature.  We currently have several strings of fairy lights draped around the patio, across the table, around the trees, and along the shed.  It looks aesthetically pleasing and is ideal as an attraction when the sun begins to set.

  1. Adding Color

Planting flowers around the garden seating area are ideal for adding color to the garden.  If you have not used any beds for planting, it is recommended that you gather an assortment of plant pots and place the pots in different colors along a wooden bench.  Staggering the heights of the pots will make it unique and create an attractive, but quirky effect.