Tips To Keep Your New Baby Supplies Affordable

Baby Supplies

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Raising a family has always been an expensive proposition, and the decision of when to start having one has been the cause for much hand wringing in relationships. There are several prudent ways to ease the stress of the inherent expenses that come with this stage of life. They include the typical sales and coupons with a bit of innovation thrown in. Also, some new ideas are listed below that can bolster any budget such as club memberships, credit cards, and consignment shops. Check-out these tips that review ways to make new baby supplies affordable.


While sales are expected to make this list, there is a new trend that retailers and wholesalers are now engaged in. Price match is a mainstream accommodation many store offer as companies jockey to garner market share. This strategy has the benefit of building loyalty to the practice. However, customer loyalty to a particular brand may lose out. This is obviously a calculated risk businesses are willing to take on. You can also find sales and savings at online stores like Baby Steals without leaving your house.

Retailer Wal-Mart has added a feature that requires consumers to sign-up to be notified about price changes. This proves to be another advantage in the price war as a way to save customers the time and gas used to store hop. Items from diapers to clothing, and everything in-between are available with large savings.

Buy Clothes in Bulk

Buying baby clothes in bulk can save a lot of money. Of course you need to account for different sizes as your baby will not stay the same size. Buying in wholesale will save money over the next 2 years in clothing. Robes for your baby can be great options to keep your babies warm and to reduce the need for both pants and a t-shirt.


The days of cutting out coupons are almost obsolete with the advent of new technology today. This can be seen with QR and bar-codes being used from iPhones instead. More innovation is also seen with an option to pull-up or download coupons on Smartphones to be scanned at check-out. Consumers are able to use their favorite option or a combination of each type. It is recommended to inquire at customer service and during check-out for in-store coupons. Do not forget to check for those located at the door.

Club Memberships

Buying bulk is a commonplace practice that can save families thousands of dollars annually. This is due to the price point based on quantity. Diapers, baby wipes, powder, lotion, and a host of other non-perishable items are the best choices. However, perishable items such as formulas and baby food can be purchased with attention paid to expiration dates. The cost of membership is recouped during the first shopping trip. In addition, there will be coupons and price guarantees available that adds more incentive to taking this route. There will be monthly circulars that offer the opportunity to peruse and clip or download them throughout the entire month.

Credit Cards

A new innovation for credit cards is the cash back feature. Making baby supplies affordable has joined the recycling movement. The exception is hard, cold cash that can be used to stretch this particular budget or spent on a host of other items for the entire family. It can also serve as a managing tool to monitor the budget. Families can plan accordingly for expenses across household budgets with this 21st century cost-effective tool.

Consignment Shops

This last section will surprise you with options for baby clothing deals. While consignment stores are known for gently used items, for shoppers that take their time, new apparel can also be found. There will even be tags still connect to onesies, t-shirts, pants, shoes, and more. In addition, brands such as Carter’s, Gymboree, and OshKosh will be lining the aisles.

Households that have limited resources, and those that just want a handle on the baby supplies expense will find these tips useful. Flexibility and a little research will deliver on the bottom line. Once the groundwork has been laid, the savings will materialize. If all these tips are used in unison, the savings will cut budgets leaving room for another future consideration: the college fund.