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Advice for Staying Happy & Active During Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is a unique period in your life and one that you will never forget. Every pregnant woman will be thinking about their child every waking moment of the day, and this is perfectly natural, but it is also important that you think about yourself and take steps to stay happy and active throughout the nine months. A happy and healthy mom makes for a happy and healthy baby!

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Staying happy and active can be challenging (and particularly in those later months!), but here is some advice for maintaining a positive lifestyle during this magical period of your life which will put you in good stead for childbirth and beyond.


It is, of course, unreasonable to think that you can maintain a rigorous exercise regime when you are pregnant, but regular light exercise is important for both you and your baby. Yoga is a favorite with pregnant women and can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit during this time. Many people find it beneficial to attend a yoga class as it motivates them and allows them to meet new people (important during pregnancy), but equally, you can find lots of helpful classes online and even ones dedicated to pregnant women. In addition to yoga, regular walks, gardening, swimming and even chores like housework can provide you with a decent aerobic workout.


Anyone who has been through pregnancy before will tell you just how stressful it can be. It is for this reason why meditation can be so beneficial and help you to stay relaxed and positive. Meditation, or simple breathing exercises, first thing in the morning, before bed or anytime that you are stressed can do wonders for alleviating stress, and they are worth continuing after birth and beyond too!

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet is always important, but particularly when you are pregnant because the food you consume supports the baby’s growth. Food that is high in protein, iron, folic acid, and calcium is vital for development, so be sure to eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, carbs, milk, yogurt, meats, and eggs. There are also a lot of foods and beverages to avoid, including caffeine, alcohol, fish with high mercury levels and unpasteurized food.


Socializing is important for your mental health, so be sure to arrange regular catch ups with friends and family throughout your pregnancy whether this is at home, out for lunch or larger social functions. In addition to friends and family, classes like prenatal classes can be an excellent idea as they allow you to meet women who are on the same journey as you. Although you should make an effort to socialize with people, it is also important to stay away from negative people who make you stressed or anxious. You may feel like you should avoid going out in the evening or to events where alcohol is being served, but if this is where your circle of friends socializes then be sure to make an effort. After all, you don’t need to drink to have fun!

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal of your journey is a superb idea as it provides an outlet for your feelings but also provides you with a record of your incredible experience. It is something that you will enjoy looking back at over the years, and you can even show to the child after their arrival. With today’s technology, you could even include photos and videos for a comprehensive record of your pregnancy. In addition to your feelings, be sure to jot down any first experiences that you encounter along the way and get your partner, friends, and family to contribute.


Although sleep is one of the most important parts of your pregnancy (for both you and the baby), you will also find it much harder to come by and even more so after childbirth! Sleeping on your back or stomach is not recommended and particularly in your third trimester, so try to get used to sleeping on your side as early as possible. If you are having trouble drifting off to sleep, tips for better sleep include a warm bath, reading and soft lighting before bed and avoid caffeine, using your smartphone in bed and anything else that keeps your brain engaged.

Educate Yourself

It may seem obvious, but educating yourself on the different stages of pregnancy can do wonders for alleviating stress and anxiety, particularly if this is your first child. Many women begin to panic when they experience dizziness, cramping or tender breasts early on, but these are common 4 weeks pregnant symptoms and nothing to worry about. Read about the baby’s development at each stage and what to expect, along with what you should be doing for a healthy pregnancy, will help you to stay happy and healthy from start to finish.


Pregnancy is an amazing period of your life, but it can certainly take its toll and leave you feeling run down! Well-earned pampering is a crucial part of pregnancy, so book spas, massages, pedicures or anything else that will help you to unwind and indulge. This relaxation is also good for the baby. You will not have as much free time once they arrive, so make the most of it now!

Make Plans

If you are the type to be active and lead a busy lifestyle constantly, it can be a bit of a shock to the system once your bump begins to grow and you have to slow down. To avoid boredom (which leads to stress), use this time to prepare for the birth of your bundle of joy. Preparing the home for a little one, buying everything that you will need and even decorating their future room can keep you active, and the excitement will help you to stay positive.

The pregnancy journey is an incredible one, but it also throws many challenges at you and can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health at times. It is important that you stay happy and active throughout your pregnancy, not only for your own health but also for your little one. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and relaxation are the pillars of a successful pregnancy and the above advice should help any mother to navigate their pregnancy smoothly. This is the first chapter of motherhood and one that you will certainly never forget!

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