A Busy Mom’s Packing Hacks (#3 is the Most Useful)

Trial and error always lead to developing a foolproof packing system. One that is also simple yet organized! Says who? A super-busy mom likes me! So if you want to know a busy mom’s packing hacks, there’s no reason to stop reading now.


This article will definitely introduce you to some brilliant tricks. So your trip can go smoothly!

A Busy Mom’s Packing Hacks

Save space, time, effort, and even cash with the following tricks.

#1 Pack 2-3 days in advance

Don’t make the mistake of packing a week prior to your trip. Why is that? It’s because packing so many days before the trip means having to fold and pack last-minute laundry clothes. Once packed, the suitcase should remain that way. Instead of constantly opening it up and removing or fitting in missing clothes.

If you travel a lot, you might understand the importance of packing just 2-3 days in advance.

#2 Use car seat bag to pack bulky items

Who says you cannot travel with a car seat bag stuffed with heavy items? Someone who hasn’t ever tried doing so!

Baby gear and boots easily fit into the thing. And the best part about it all is that the bags fly absolutely FREE. So whatever doesn’t fit in the suitcase goes into the cat seat bag. Including sweaters, heavy shoes, diapers, etc.

#3 Make the most of packing cubes for organization

Have you ever not seen or heard about packing cubes? If not, start with the Bagail Travel Luggage Packing Organizers. It is truly a serious game-changer!

If you have more than one kid, each gets his/her own color. This is very useful when it comes to easier organization. The large cubes can be for clothes. As for the medium-sized ones, they’re more suitable for undergarments and socks types of things. And the smallest cubes are obviously for storing accessories.

The whole packing cube set can fit into a single bag. Talk about consolidating the amount of bags you take with you!

#4 Don’t over-pack toiletries

There’s no refuting the fact that toiletries take up a lot of suitcase space. Whereas kids don’t require more than just the basic items!

My expert advice to you, buy all-in-one kind of products. Like a shampoo that’s also infused with a conditioner. So have one bottle that serves two purposes.

My experience in this area is very real. You have no idea how such an idea has helped me save both space and money.

#5 Pack a shared suitcase for younger kids

Now, this trick might help you save abundant suitcase space. If your kids can share the same stuff, why pack two of each? Then the bags, including your one of the best purses for busy moms, won’t be that heavy or expensive to fly with.

Along the same lines, buy a suitcase equipped with wheels on all four sides, so you and your kids can turn it easily. Navigating becomes a breeze, which might feel like a huge blessing. So you don’t have to take care of your children AND THE BAG.

#6 Try a hanging shelf organizer for grown-ups

Is your kid a teenager? Never mind! Cause even you can make the most of a hanging shelf organizer. The thing easily collapses into the suitcase. And it just as easily opens up too. And in it, you can fit your denim, shirts, sweaters, etc.

You’d think that the shelf systems aren’t spacious. But to be honest, that’s not true at all. These hanging shelf organizers offer tons of space despite their collapsing design.

#7 Stuff your makeup and bathroom essentials in one bag

By bag here, I mean a legitimate travel toiletry bag.

When the bag has many compartments, you can store your foundation bottle, MAC palettes, contouring kit, and more. The top space is for travel-worthy toiletries. The second one can be for your oral care, wipes, and razors. As for the third pouch, it’s roomy enough to store your makeup sponges and brushes. And the final and fourth compartment doubles as your very own makeup bag.

You can roll or fold up the bag based on however you wish to pack it. But I lay the thing flat across the suitcase.

The End

And that’s about it. I don’t want to confuse you with a lot of information here. The goal is to get started with these simple tips and tricks.

A busy mom’s packing hacks are often a result of personal trial and error. So you might learn a thing or two from your own personal experiences.

Just remember to stay calm at such times. Note down the mistakes. So you can avoid them later. Let the experience make you a wiser parent and traveler.


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