6 Gadgets Every Baby Can Enjoy

Long gone are the days where you entertain your baby with a rattle and radio the size of your living room. Today, there are so many cool gadgets
that your baby can enjoy. These gadgets can help your baby learn, react quicker and develop their brain. If you’re a fan of technology and you
want to help your baby grow, here are six awesome gadgets to consider:

#1 Thudguard Baby Helmet

As parents, we all know that our children can get out of control and bang their heads up a bit. With the Thudguard Baby Helmet, you don’t have to
worry no more. This helmet helps protect your child from harm and best of all, it looks stylish! If you want to take it up another level, consider
adding some knee and elbow pads for support.

#2 Why Cry Baby Monitor

The Why Cry Baby Monitor may sound like something from the future but the technology it uses is nothing short of amazing. Every time your baby
cries, the monitor will analyze the cry and let you know exactly why the baby is crying. It has six different settings and will tell you if your
baby is hungry, tired, etc. On the monitor, you can listen to your baby cry and know the exact reason why.

#3 Baby Buggy Scooter

While this gadget looks awfully silly, it’s fun to take around the block. If you get sick of pushing your baby on your feet, this stroller will
instantly transform into a scooter on the bottom. Now, instead of walking, you can quickly get from point A to point B by scooting.

#4 Temperature Controlled Stroller

There may be times when you take your baby out in the cold for an event or even to the car. If this is the case, you may find that there are times
when you feel your baby doesn’t have enough heat. Humidity controlled, this stroller will keep your baby in the perfect temperature. Now, you
won’t have to worry about your baby freezing or sweating to death during the day.

#5 Water to Baby Bottle Converter

Your baby is going to grow up sooner or later and when they are done with the baby bottles, what do you do? Instead of throwing them in the cabinet
and forgetting about them, these nifty bottles will convert from a baby bottle to a regular bottle. This is a great way to save money and teach
your child the ins and outs of drinking from a regular bottle.

#6 Temperature Sensitive Bottles

The problem with some bottles is that some may be too hot or they may be too cool. The great thing about this bottle is that if it’s too hot, a
red face will appear. If the temperature is just right, a green face will appear. This bottle is a great way to tell if the formula inside of the
bottle is comfortable enough for your child.

Hannah Munson runs HowMuchisit.org, a website that helps you answer questions such as, “How much do you pay a babysitter?” Reach out to her on Twitter — @howmuchforit