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5 Things to Consider When Taking Your Family on a Trip to California

If there’s one thing most people in this world can agree upon, it’s that California is a unique state. Even in its topographic diversity, you’ll find that there’s no other state like it in this great nation. 

So, whether you ask a Californian or Floridian, they’ll probably give you the same answer. There’s no place quite like the Golden State. 

But that’s all the more reason to visit, isn’t it? 


Go ahead and plan that trip, but there are at least five things you should know before you pack your suitcases. And that’s what we’re going to cover in this post.

1. There’s more than just Disneyland for the kiddos

You know there’s a lot to do in California, but if you have young kids, they’re probably only focused on Disneyland (and maybe Legoland). And the truth is, you can spend an entire vacation in these places, but that doesn’t leave a lot of adult time, does it? 

So if you want everyone to have a good time, plan some family-friendly activities, like visiting Redwoods National Park or Yosemite National Park. And if you really want to have some fun, consider a hot air balloon ride in Napa while you sip on some world-class wine. 

2. Expect some traffic

If you’re going on a road trip through California, you’re going to encounter some traffic. This is especially true around the major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can minimize your time in the car by avoiding rush hour, but you should still expect some slowdowns. California motor vehicle accidents are no joke — especially around any major city. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distracted driving at all costs.

3. Watch your speed

In much of this state, speed is detected by aircraft. Yeah, like planes and helicopters. You won’t necessarily get a ticket in the mail, but you can expect to see flashing blue and red lights to pull up in your rear-view mirror before too long. The aircraft is just another way for authorities to detect traffic violations. In California, you’ll also see roadside cameras, streetlight cameras, and traditional squad cars. 

4. Stay aware of natural disasters

In California, natural disasters may happen more than anywhere else in the country. Between forest fires and earthquakes, you might get caught up in a scary situation. But the odds are in your favor. Check CAL FIRE for current fire incidents before you travel and know what to do in case of an earthquake. If you happen to be on the road, get to safety away from anything that could tumble or fall upon you (e.g., bridges, overpasses, trees, buildings, etc.). 

5. The weather is diverse

When most people think of California, they think about sunshine and ocean waves, but that’s not all there is. The region is quite diverse, from everything to hot deserts to snow, depending on the elevation and time of year. So, if you’re embarking on a trip to explore California, you’re going to want to be prepared. Check the weather and know the environment you’ll be traveling to. If you’re driving, be aware that several parts of California have dusty winds, so it’s important your AC filter is properly maintained.  

Are you ready for your next trip to California? Surely, the kids are, but they’ll get excited about more than just Disneyland when they hear about all that’s in store!

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