5 Benefits Of Emphasizing Education Early In Your Kids’ Lives

5 Benefits Of Emphasizing Education Early In Your Kids' Lives

Many parents struggle to decide the most appropriate time to enroll their child in school. Early education can benefit most and should be considered for all children. There are five reasons as to why early education is not only important for personal development but can place a child on a path for success.

Children Who Participate in Early Education are Generally More Well Behaved

In the classroom, children who have been exposed to formal education prior to kindergarten are less likely to misbehave in class. These same children are more likely to retain the information from the teacher and also not disrupt classroom instruction. In addition, these students are less likely to misbehave later in life. On educational websites such as educationcorner.com, experts have stated that these children are less likely to commit crimes.

Children Who Start School Early Tend to be More Creative

Most students who enroll in school tend to enjoy their time learning and bonding with others. However, experts have also stated that children who start school early tend to think outside the box and are generally more innovative in their thought process. Their early education can really help them open up their mind to a whole new world of learning.

Children Enrolled in Early Education Have Improved Social Skills

Children who start school early generally are able to converse with their peers more naturally. They can usually relate to different types of children easily and have more empathy for others. These particular social skills will extend throughout all levels of schooling. Not only will this benefit the student in school, but also their refined social skills will be a real asset within the workplace.

Children Enrolled in Early Education Programs Tend to Achieve Higher Grades throughout Elementary, Middle and High School.

Statistics have shown that children who begin their formal education early are more likely to do better in school. These same children tend to have an increased attention span and will listen to teachers more attentively. Schools like Miniapple International Montessori School can really help students find success early on through formal education. Students attending schools like this are more likely to know how to read, understand basic math concepts and have developed problem solving skills at an earlier age. According to websites such as centerforpubliceducation.org, a head start in Kindergarten will lead to an improved understanding of certain concepts within subjects such as science, foreign language, history and English.

Children Enrolled in Early Education are More Likely to Attend College

Because these same children tend to do better in high school, they are more likely to attend college. They also tend to have more drive and initiative, a necessary component for success in college. With a college education, they are more likely to attain a quality job and have financial security.10

There are so many benefits to exposing a child to early education. Children not only enjoy interacting with others their own age, but they will learn information that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.