4 Ways to Prepare to Move to a New City with a Toddler

4 Ways to Prepare to Move to a New City with a Toddler

Planning a move can be stressful. You have an entire home to pack, a new home to set up, forms to complete, and a new neighborhood to explore. You may be leaving behind family and friends for the unfamiliar, which can make you feel anxious. Add a toddler into the mix, and moving can feel daunting. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can help your toddler adjust to the move and make the transition as painless as possible.

Explain What is Happening

Even the youngest of children doesn’t like to feel out of the loop. Explain to your child that you will be leaving your house to live in a new house. Discuss exactly what will happen. Answer any questions your child may have. He or she may be upset about leaving friends or afraid they may no longer get to see family members such as grandparents. Reassure your child that you will come back to visit and talk about the new friends he or she will make. Try to keep the move as positive as possible.

Pack Toys

Enlist your child’s help in packing toys. Make it into a game by telling your child that his or her toys are going on a trip to your new home. Make sure your child understands that you are not throwing his or her toys away. Allow your child to keep a few special toys out to travel with you on moving day.

Work with a Realtor

A realtor can help you to sell your existing home and to find the perfect home for your family’s needs. A realtor, like The Alan Smith Team – RE/MAX Professionals, should also have lots of good ideas to assist a growing family. Many realtors have experience working with families with young children and can give you some great advice on how to make the move go more smoothly with your toddler.


Toddlers are creatures of habit. They are just beginning to understand the world around them, and so they like for things to be predictable. They want to know when they will eat, sleep, and play. Chances are, your toddler is probably already on some sort of schedule. As you plan your move, try to stick to this schedule as much as possible. If your child always takes a nap in the early afternoon, try to make sure he or she has a rest during this time. By keeping your child on a schedule, you can make him or her feel secure and prevent tantrums.

Now that you have successfully moved into your new home, it is time to explore. Take your toddler out into your new neighborhood to visit a park or zoo and see how exciting his or her new home is going to be.

Kim Rowley is the mother of preemie twin daughters, Macy and Mallory, born January 27th, 1994 over 13 weeks early weighing 2 pounds each. She calls them her "million dollar miracle babies." Follow Kim on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.