4 Ways To Embrace Your Pregnancy

4 Ways To Embrace Your Pregnancy

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4 Ways To Embrace Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant isn’t easy. There are sleepless nights, major changes with your body and lots of unknowns ahead. It’s understandable that many women are, at first, nervous, but once they start to experience the joy of carrying their child, their views will change.

If you are struggling, however, remember the positives and the fact that you’re going to have a beautiful child at the end of it. Make a list of what you do like and note the times when you have a smile on your face. Give yourself a break and realize that you’re doing your best. See four ways to embrace your pregnancy.

Buy Cute Clothes

This is your chance to look super cute with a baby bump and buy clothes that show it off to the world. Go shopping with a friend or family member, and pick out adorable maternity clothes that make you look fabulous. Go nuts and treat yourself to the items that you want and are going to make you feel good about yourself. Buy a shirt with a funny saying on it or the most comfortable leggings that you know you can live in every day.

Understand the Changes

Not knowing what’s going on or what to expect next in the pregnancy is usually the cause for a lot of the worry. For example, 12 weeks pregnant marks the end of your first trimester, and you may feel uneasy when this truly critical period for your little one’s development is coming to a close. This is when it’s important to go online or read books that tell you how big your baby is, what symptoms and body changes you should expect and questions to get ready for your doctor. Having a better understanding of what’s going on will make you feel better.

Remember all you can do

Being pregnant changes your body, but there are many activities you still can do. Talk to your doctor first, but consider yoga, walking and easy exercise. Focus on what you can do and not what you’re limited in doing. There are activities such as watching a funny movie, reading a book and having a conversation with a good friend that aren’t dependent upon you being pregnant or not. Embrace all you can do and do it with a smile. Be grateful that you’re healthy and all is going as planned.

Know that Pregnancy isn’t Forever

Be realistic about your mindset and remind yourself that being pregnant isn’t forever. You’ll have a new baby out of the experience, but your body will start to go back to normal, and life will go on. It’s a stage in your life, and it will soon pass when the time is right. You may appreciate it more when you consider the fact that it is a short-term occurrence.


Don’t feel bad if you’re not in love with being pregnant. Try to make the most out of it and educate yourself the best you can during the process. These are four ways to embrace your pregnancy.