4 Tips For Sex After Pregnancy

4 Tips For Sex After Pregnancy

Childbirth can be a traumatic experience, and even if everything goes absolutely smoothly, there will still have been pain and potentially some damage done to your private parts. Put that together with the knowledge that sex leads to pregnancy, and you don’t want to go through all that again just yet, no matter how much you love your new baby. The chances are you are going to be nervous about the first time you and your partner have sex after you’ve given birth. The doctor may have said to wait for six to eight weeks, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready when that time is up. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Don’t Feel Guilty

If your partner is totally ready to resume sexual relations and you’re not, don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t feel pressured into it either. Your scars may have healed, and you may no longer be in any pain, but you still might not be ready to go for it. Your body has been through a lot and is still recovering even if you don’t realize it. Plus your hormones are still up and down, and things like lack of sleep and breastfeeding can all reduce your libido. If you need more time, then make sure to take more time.

Don’t Worry About Your Body

After all those changes, with new stretchmarks and milk-filled breasts (that might even leak from time to time), it’s possible that you will feel self-conscious about your body, even if you didn’t before. It can take time to get used to how you look, and time to get back to how you were before. The good news is that there are supplements and creams that can help you return to feeling good about yourself again should you need them. Otherwise embrace the new you and enjoy motherhood while remembering that you are a woman with needs too.

Try Adult Toys

Sex might not feel the same anymore after giving birth, and although the mind might be willing, sometimes the body is not. This is where trying something new and exciting can really be a bonus and get things back on track. There are many website related items you can look into such as adult sex toys, penis enhancement pills, and special creams that will soothe any residual vaginal soreness. Whatever you choose, remember that sex is all about having fun and being intimate with your partner, so there should never be any need to feel embarrassed or worried about anything.

Do The Kegels

If things really aren’t working because your vaginal muscles are stretched and haven’t yet settled down again then Kegel exercises can really help. You may have been doing these strengthening exercises during your pregnancy anyway, in which case keep at them because they will help you out and tighten the muscles that need to be tightened. If you’ve yet to do them then it’s worth making a start – they’re easy to do and will not only help with your sex life but will also stop any post-partum incontinence too.