4 Tips for Deciding What to Wear for Family Pictures

4 Tips for Deciding What to Wear for Family Pictures

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It’s time for your family to have a picture taken together. 4 Tips for Deciding What to Wear for Family PicturesThis event might come around once a year or even once every few years, so you want the images to be special while showcasing the personality that each person in your family has instead of taking a picture that might not be representative of everyone. Choosing what to wear is only one part of determining how your pictures will look.


Instead of everyone wearing the same color or the same pattern, you want to find clothes that coordinate. You could choose two or three different colors and find shirts, pants, and accessories that feature these shades. An idea would be blue shirts and pants in neutral colors but each blue shirt could feature a different design. Your family should feel comfortable wearing the colors that you choose instead of feeling like they are posing for a magazine.

Make a Plan

When you’ve made an appointment to get your pictures made, you need to create a plan of what clothes you’re going to wear and what accessories you’re going to use in the shoot. A lifestyle family photographer can offer suggestions and might even have a few props that you can use that will coordinate with your clothes. Keep the clothes that you’re going to wear in a closet or in a wardrobe bag so that they don’t get dirty until the day you have pictures made. Everyone should try on their clothes about a week before the day to ensure that everything fits.

Use the Background

Choose the colors and textures that everyone wears in the picture based on the background. If you’re getting pictures made in a park or in a wooded area, then you’re going to want to wear darker colors or colors that are a bit warmer. However, if you’re in an open field or on the beach, then you might want to consider wearing lighter colors, like blue or yellow. Look at the colors that are around you so that your clothing contrasts.

Go Big and Have Fun

If you really want to have fun while taking your pictures, then choose a theme for them. An example would be wearing pajamas in front of a Christmas tree while your kids wrap you and your partner in Christmas lights. Another option would be a beach scene with everyone wearing swimsuits and the kids burying the parents in the sand.Take the time to prepare for your family pictures. These will be cherished for years to come, so you want to wear something that is comfortable. If you’re unsure of what to wear, then consult with the photographer to get suggestions and to get ideas for the backgrounds that are available.