4 Hacks for Cleaning Up Big Toddler Messes

messy toddler

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Toddlers live exuberantly. In the process, they leave quite a mess in their wake. That’s why you need plenty of cleaning hacks to keep up with their ability to make them. messy toddlerThe following four ideas are easy hacks that you can try to keep their messes under control.

Sticky Messes

Here’s a cool hack to clean up sticky messes from Moms.com. When bits of clay or even sticky foods, like rice and quinoa, fall on the floor, it can be difficult to clean up. If it’s possible. Just allow the offending blobs of stickiness to dry out. They’ll vacuum right up.

Art Buffet

Keeping art clutter under control may be as simple as building an art buffet table, according to Good Housekeeping. To make this art buffet, use an old dresser or entertainment stand to create an art station. Place all of your kids’ arts and craft supplies in the drawers. Instruct kids to put all of the materials back once arts and crafts time is done.

Carpeting Hacks

If you don’t have time to do a full carpet cleaning, there are still some hacks that you can employ to clean up small messes. For example, stains come up with a bit of vinegar and water. Place a towel over the spot and then put a hot iron over the towel for a bit. The stain will come out.Additionally, baking soda sprinkled on the carpet will mask pet and kid smells that linger in the carpet. Just sprinkle some baking soda over the spot and blot away the mess. Finally, get lint, pet hair and doll clothes fibers out of the carpet with a lint roller.

Make It a Game

Children love to play. They also usually don’t like the clean up process too much. However, you can make them more enthusiastic about the cleaning up if you make it a game. Turn on some music and have a contest to see who can pick up the most items the fastest. It’ll add an element of fun to picking up, particularly if you let them win the game. (This assumes that you’ll also be playing.)It can be difficult to stay on top of kid messes. That’s why hacks are so helpful. They take the time and labor intensiveness out of chores, like toy clean up. The four hacks in this post will cut your time and labor, teach your kids how to do chores and contribute to your peace of mind at the end of the day.