Guest Post: 3 Great Newborn Apps for Sanity-Seeking Parents

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There are few things in life that are more difficult to adjust to than your first newborn (or newborns). As any mother can tell you, babies are both an unending joy and a regular headache. With so much excitement and change happening at this point in a couples’ relationship, any extra help new parents can get is usually appreciated. Modern mobile technology today has inched its way into every aspect of our lives, including our parenting routines. While many critics find this annoying and even intrusive, there are many people out there that swear by their mobile gadgets and gizmos. These three mobile apps help parents’ better monitor and caf for their new additions by giving endless assistance right at the touch of a screen.

1. Total Baby App
As one of the top selling baby apps on the market, Total Baby App is a great choice for parents of any sort. This app can manage up to six kids’ data, making it ideal for parents of twins, triplets, or more. Total Baby helps track feeding patterns, diaper changes, sleeping schedules, and more. This is particularly helpful for parents who are living off of two hours of sleep and can’t remember the last meal they had themselves. Use the dual timer system to keep track of the eating and sleeping for twins that are on different schedules. Total Baby also gives you a space where you can log information from a doctor’s visit, vaccinations, growth, important memories, and much more.

2. Baby Tracker: Nursing
Created by the makers behind Total Baby, this app seeks to make moms’ lives easier. This nursing app helps you keep track of your nursing sessions, logging length of time, side you nursed from, and much more. Rather than making lists and tying ribbons around your bra straps, let the nursing app keep track of things for you. Because this app is right on your phone or iPad, you will always have it when you need it. This application has numerous features to offer. You can record nursing sessions by type either formula or milk or amount. If you get busy and don’t get to your phone when the timer is going off, it will automatically turn itself off after a set amount of time. Use this app to simplify your feeding process and enjoy more time with your newborns.

3. White Noise Baby
As we all know, the little quiet time we are actually able to get as parents is cherished. However, our babies may not quite agree with the silence. The White Noise Baby app provides everything you need to help keep your baby relax and asleep. With numerous sounds that will help coo your baby to sleep, this app is great for busy moms and dads. Put on car ride sounds, a heartbeat, or wind chimes to help soothe your baby as they are falling asleep. While this may seem counterproductive to your desire for peace and quiet, many babies do much better with some sort of white noise going in the background. The While Noise Baby app is only 99 cents and can be a lifesaver for new parents dying for some sleep.

This is a guest post from Jacelyn Thomas. Jacelyn writes about identity theft prevention for She can be reached at: jacelyn.thomas @

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