10 Must-Have Basics For Maternity Style

Maternity Leggings

If you are pregnant, it does not mean that you have to abandon fashion altogether. With a little alteration and adjustment, you can retain your individual fashion style throughout those nine months. While you are dressing, you need to keep in mind that the comfort factor should not be overlooked and you should not try to conceal your baby bump. If you consider the following clothing, then you can easily carry off that baby bump with elegance and style.

  1. Comfortable cotton undies and bras: It is inevitable that your physical appearance (body) will change a lot during your pregnancy which automatically means that your underwear and bras will nor it you anymore. Get bigger sized bras and large underwear to solve this issue.
  2. Ballet Flats: High heels during this period are a strict no no. Loafers, sneakers and ballet flats are ideal for you, now. Your feet might experience swelling, so you need to stick to only wear shoes, which give your feet breathing space and has ample room.
  3. Full panel pants: The low waist jeans that you love so much, if worn during the pregnancy period, will gradually slide down, each time you wear them. Pulling your jeans upwards with your hands every two minutes is definitely not a very comfortable feeling. The elastic in the panel pants will keep your pant from falling down and are a huge lifesaver during this time.
  4. Maternity Leggings: Bid your favorite leggings goodbye for the moment. Make sure that you get a pair of maternity leggings, which goes beyond the bump. The trick is to wear a legging, which is high waist. You can either wear a tucked tank top with it or a top, which is light and flimsy.
  5. Cardigans for winter: Long and nig cardigans will not just keep you warm during winter time but if you are someone who loves wearing tight dresses and tee shirts, but thanks to the pregnancy, you cannot afford to do that right now, you can definitely wear them under those big sweaters.
  6. Loose Dresses: Loose dresses not only look feminine and elegant but also give your body plenty of room to breathe. This kind of attire is ideal for the summers and the good news is even after your pregnancy, you can easily slip onto one of these.
  7. Big Tanks and Tees: Get extra large tank tops and tee shirts and pair them up with big jeans. Tee shirts always come in a variety of designs and if you are feeling childlike, you can always get those tees with graphic designs or superhero drawings.
  8. Maternity Jeans:  Get at least two to three solid jeans, which will go with most of your upper wear. Pick the cut which you like the most –skinny, straight, slim. With these, you do not have to worry about washing them each time you wear and they will go with most of your wardrobe. So, it’s a win-win.
  9. Jumpsuits: They are the ultimate go to wear if you are pregnant. Extremely comfortable and stylish, these jumpsuits look super cute on every woman out there, pregnant or not. They can be easily stretched and can be worn in any season.
  10. Pencil Skirts: A black or any other neutral colored pencil skirt will look great on any pregnant woman. You can pair up your classy pencil skirt with either a loose tee or a buttoned up blouse depending on the occasion.