Preemie Twins Recommended: TWINS Magazine Subscription

When my twins were little, TWINS Magazine was my lifeline to communicating with other mothers of twins as that was pre-internet plus living in hickville, the closest Mother of Multiples club was hours away. I’m still friends with other moms of twins that I met through the Pen Pal section some 20 years ago.  I […]

Home Babyproofing: How to Keep Your Growing Family in Mind When Remodeling

If you’ve got a growing family, that remodeling job you’ve been planning doesn’t have to be put on indefinite hold. Babyproofing adds an extra layer of concern for you, but here are a few basic tips you can use to prioritize safety. Paint Young children and pregnant mothers are much more susceptible to toxins, as […]

Buy Stuff for Baby Now and Pay Later

Graco Pack N Play only $13.99/monthFind out you’re having twins so now need double the baby stuff? Or was your baby born too soon and you weren’t prepared? Or maybe you’re just running a tad low on cash this month and need to get the baby nursery done? Here are my top picks of places […]

Best Double Stroller Deal for Twins

My friend did a lot of research trying to find the best (and most reasonably priced) double stroller for his new (and too cute) twin baby grand-daughters, Taiya and Aliya. He ended buying the Contours Options Tandem Stroller by Kolcraft, which is currently on sale at for $184.54 with Free Super Saver Shipping and […]

Recommended Reading Book for Parents of Premature Babies

When my preemie twin daughters were in the NICU, my “bible” was The Premature Baby Book: A Parents Guide to Coping and Caring in the First Years by Helen Harrison and Ann Kositsky. While it was originally published in 1983, most of the information was still relevant in 1994. In fact, between my two preemie […]