Preemie Twins Recommended: TWINS Magazine Subscription

TWINS Magazine Cover

When my twins were little, TWINS Magazine was my lifeline to communicating with other mothers of twins as that was pre-internet plus living in hickville, the closest Mother of Multiples club was hours away. I’m still friends with other moms of twins that I met through the Pen Pal section some 20 years ago.  I […]

Home Babyproofing: How to Keep Your Growing Family in Mind When Remodeling

Toddler playing on the floor

If you’ve got a growing family, that remodeling job you’ve been planning doesn’t have to be put on indefinite hold. Babyproofing adds an extra layer of concern for you, but here are a few basic tips you can use to prioritize safety. Paint Young children and pregnant mothers are much more susceptible to toxins, as […]

Buy Stuff for Baby Now and Pay Later

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