Top Things To Know About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a broad term cover to describe a number of neurological conditions caused by injury to the brain during the developmental stages of the fetus, during birth, or soon after birth. Though it is not a very common disorder, it remains a fact that thousands of children are born with this lifelong condition […]

Dehydration In Infants

Are you one of the moms who feel like all your child do is rest, eat and convey messy diapers? Well, the good news is: things are precisely as they ought to be. An infant’s body stores fewer liquids as compared to grown-ups. Given their inefficiency to store an abundant quantity of liquids, their tiny […]

Kids Room Revamp: Awesome DIY Projects For You And Your Children

Moving to their own room is a major milestone in every child’s life, but in parent’s life as well. Although we aspire to create independent and capable children, sometimes we find it hard to admit that our help is no longer needed. The truth is, however, the moment a parent stops holding their child’s hand […]

5 Tips For Helping Your Child Get Used To The New Baby

A new baby in the family often brings both joy and disruption from your old way of life. This is especially true if baby has an older brother or sister. For many children, a baby can feel like a threat to their own chance to be loved. Though this is normal, and will go away […]

5 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Kindergarten Anxiety

A child undergoes various stages in the process of development. Anxiety caused by separation from the parents when the child gets enrolled in a kindergarten facility is just one if those stages. Parents should get informed about the best ways to cope with this so as to prevent their children from having intensified feelings of […]

Steps To Protect Against Juvenile Delinquency In Your Neighborhood

Juvenile delinquency is something the entire community worries about. Your neighbors can provide a great source of support to prevent teenagers from going down the wrong path. Through a proactive approach, you can ensure your neighborhood consistently produces valuable members of society that the community can be proud of. While parents are the first source […]

The Realities Behind Young Parenting

Young parents are stereotyped, probably because some of the worst young parents have proven themselves irresponsible and unreasonable human wrecks. This has deemed it permissible to exercise unwarranted judgment and assumptions against those who had a child at an early age. Allow us to clear the air by clarifying some of the myths, these include: […]

Recognizing And Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

Every parent would have it believe that their child is the best at whatever they start. Nevertheless, it is often not easy recognizing true talent, and it is often even harder making sure they receive the care they need to succeed. Be sure to encourage natural curiosity in order for your child to develop and […]