Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

Pregnancy may be a very special time in a woman’s life, but for many soon-to-be moms, especially those battling eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating disorder, it can be a great challenge. For these people, maintaining control over their body shape (and keeping weight off) can become an obsession, and they […]

Parents of Preemies: How to Best Care for your Premature Baby

Babies born before their due date may need extra special care up to the age of 24 months. After leaving the hospital, new parents of premature babies must be equipped with the knowledge and preparation to properly care for their infant at home. Having a baby who needs extra care is a big adjustment for […]

The Truth Behind Benefits Of Playing With Toys

Playtime is an extremely important part of children’s lives, simply because it shapes their imagination and creativity in the best possible way. Nowadays, with the expansion of the Internet, many children are not motivated to play face-to-face with their peers. Instead, they are chatting online and making virtual friendships because that is much easier for […]

Great Tips For Teaching Your Child To Swim

As one of the most useful and extremely healthy physical activities, swimming is probably the best thing you can teach your child when he or she is still small, and that way provide not only great entertainment but excellent support to his physical development. However, only parents know how it can be difficult to teach […]

Therapy For Pregnant Teenagers

  Pregnancy and Life Transitions Pregnancy can often come as a very big surprise to teenagers. Since carrying and rearing a child is such a significant transition from the typical life of a teenager, therapy may be a helpful and effective choice. A good therapy program can help a teenager process her emotions in a […]

5 Tips For Teaching Children

The education of children can be a tricky topic; that’s why more and more schools are requiring high-level degrees before they’ll let instructors even interact with kids. But what if you’re a new kindergarten teacher looking for tips? Or what if you’re an experienced educator looking to shake things up? Regardless of your motives for […]

4 Tips For Pregnant Moms

There is a great joy that occurs when women are pregnant. The oncoming due date is heralded as a great day. The birth of a child into loving arms is a great joy that all parents will recognize as great. However, the 9 months of carrying a child, and in some instances twins or more, […]

Tiny Tantrums: Why Your Kids Aren’t Outgrowing The Tears

Do you have a child who is still having temper tantrums long after you think they should have outgrown them? Rest assured you’re not alone. However, these tantrums can be disruptive to your family life, destructive to your relationship with your child, and when they occur in public, downright embarrassing. Here are some reasons why […]