Brace Face How to Help Your Teen Through Puberty

Brace Face: How to Help Your Teen Through Puberty

Going through puberty is one of the most challenging times in every young person’s life. When you are the parent of a teenager, you can feel powerless to help your child cope with the awkwardness and challenges that come with puberty. However there are some smart ways you can help your child handle this turbulent […]

What Your Mom Didn't tell You About Birth Control

What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Birth Control

If you were lucky, your mom sat you down and proceeded to have an open, honest discussion about healthy sexual activity, and the pros and cons of various methods of birth control, including the famous Pill. Unfortunately, if this conversation even happened, it was probably an awkward exchange on both sides that led to more […]

Toilet Training Tips to Get Kids Ready for Real Pants

Toilet Training: Tips to Get Kids Ready for Real Pants

A parent’s attitude can make potty training a stressful time, or a chance to celebrate the emergence of an independent child. As you prepare to facilitate your toddler’s transition out of diapers, keep these tips in mind. This way you can help them feel confident and proud, and save yourself from many more months of […]

Tips To Deal With Leg And Back Pain During Pregnancy

Tips To Deal With Leg And Back Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your legs and back will generally be required to carry additional weight. This extra weight can create stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments. More than that, lower body swelling coupled with the tendency for pregnant women to generally become less active later in their pregnancy can all play a role in aches and […]

Asthma Study

Does Your Child Have Asthma? Get Paid To Participate in Medical Study

If you are a parent of a child that is between the ages of 5 – 11 that has been diagnosed with Asthma for more than 3 months, your child may qualify for a study. If your child qualifies, you will receive up to $700 compensation, no-cost medication and no-cost care from a local doctor. […]

How To Combat These Five Discomforts That Often Come With Pregnancy

How To Combat These Five Discomforts That Often Come With Pregnancy

The journey to motherhood inevitably produces troublesome aches and pains along the way. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through them passively. The following information presents ways to ease a few common discomforts you may experience. Back Pain As you progress through your pregnancy, fluctuating hormones and posture changes can lead to bothersome backaches. To […]

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Are Video Baby Monitors a Safe Way to Watch Your Child?

Baby is sleeping soundly, and mom and dad can watch from another room – how great is that? A video baby monitor can be a great tool for parents of infants, especially for parents of preemies. Specialized video monitors for preemies have sensors that can be attached (for example) to the baby’s diaper. This technology […]

Human Experiences, depression

Getting Help for Post-Natal Depression

Women have an overall higher risk of developing depression in their lifetime than men do; this is in part because certain life stages cause hormonal changes that can trigger depression. One of these is pregnancy, and while many women are focusing on getting as healthy as they can to prepare for carrying and giving birth to a […]