What to Expect in the NICU

A newborn in an incubator. in the NICU unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU, pronounced “nick-you”) may become your home-away-from-home if your baby is born prematurely. This is the section of the hospital tasked with caring for infants who are born early and cannot survive without help. It provides an environment that is safer for your preemie, offering incubators and special services intended …

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Premature Baby Development Stages

People seem to harbor the notion that childbirth is some mystical experience that makes women part of a secret club and that mothers inherently know what to do with a baby as soon as it’s in their arms. While giving birth is certainly an amazing and life-changing event, it is neither easy nor predictable, even …

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The Challenges of a Premature Baby

The news that your baby will be born prematurely may be incredibly difficult to cope with. The complications involved may overshadow the miracle of birth as your anxiety and stress reach terrifying heights concerning your child’s health. Although this situation can be worrisome, there are ways of to handle the premature of your baby that …

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