5 Rustic Halloween Costumes For The Family

Scarecrow Image

Halloween is coming up and it’s time to find the perfect adult, kid and baby costumes for the whole family. If you live in the country, or wish that you did, you may want to choose a family costume that celebrates your love for your rustic roots. Here are five ideas for the perfect country costume that will incorporate your whole family.

Lumberjack Family

The parents can dress like lumberjacks using jeans and flannel shirts, while adding some dirt smudges and grass stains. Meanwhile, your kids’ costumes can be a bit more complicated. Dress one child as an axe using brown clothing or fabric with a silver construction paper blade. Dressing another child as a log, using the same brown fabric, is sure to create a laugh.

Hansel and Gretel


This costume is perfect for a family with a son and a daughter. Dress the children as Hansel and Gretel using costumes that you find online or make your own. One parent will dress like the father, using the same outfit as in the earlier mentioned lumberjack costume, and the other parent can be a terrifying witch. You can even give the kids pieces of wrapped candy to leave on the floor, instead of bread crumbs, making sure that other children will enjoy this costume as well. If you are at a party, this costume is perfect for games of hide and seek. The children can hide while their father and the witch search for them. The party guests can give the father hints and try to confuse the witch.

Fisherman and His Fish

Use suspenders and a flannel shirt for one parent’s costume. The fisherman can also carry a fishing pole, either real or one crafted from a branch and string, as well as a tackle box. Meanwhile, the rest of the family will dress like the fish that the fisherman is trying to catch. Fish costumes can be found online or made at home. You can have as many fish as you need. This is another great costume idea for hide and seek, with the fisherman as the seeker.

Farmers and their Animals

The parents can dress like the farmers with jean overalls and straw hats. Farmers’ tools can be carried around for added effect. The children can be dressed up as the farm animals. They can be sheep, chickens, goats, or cows. If you have a baby, you can even dress them up in a simple egg costume, which will surely be met with a lot of laughs. If aunts, uncles, or grandparents want to be a part of this costume, your farm can always use a scarecrow or a bull.

A Grizzly Bear and Campers

This costume is a great way to use old boy or girl scout costumes. While the kids can be scouts and one parent the scout master, the other parent dresses as a grizzly bear using costumes like the grizzly bear mascot. At one point in the night, you can even stage a “bear attack” while the rest of the family runs away. As an added bonus, the grizzly bear costume can be reused year after year for any other bear themed costume ideas you might have, such as Goldilocks with her three bears.

Halloween is the perfect time to strengthen family bonds by dressing up together and doing something fun as a family. Consider using websites like Best Mascots to dress your family in themed costumes. Whether your plans involve trick-or-treating, going to a party, or staying at home to watch a scary movie, your family is sure to have a great time dressing up in one of these country costumes and spending the evening together.

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