Is Using Bee Pollen During Pregnancy Dangerous?

There are plenty of people who don’t like the idea of ingesting bee pollen at all, but if they think you will be using bee pollen during pregnancy, they go through the roof!

Bee Pollen

What Is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen has gotten a very bad reputation. It is not some bizarre supplement that has just recently been introduced to health food stores. Bee pollen has been ingested as a food for the last few thousand years. As far back as Egypt, Greece and Rome there were humans eating (and loving!) bee pollen, and it’s many and varied uses have been passed down in story and song and even poetry. But what exactly is bee pollen?

To make a long story short, bee pollen is what happens when the bees have collected pollen from the flowers, and then mix it with a tiny bit of honey that they carry with them in order to make it sticky enough for them to carry back to the hive on their bodies. Bits of this pollen fall off during the bee’s flight; sometimes landing on another flower (thus pollinating it); it’s a marvelous process, but the bee pollen itself is even more marvelous.

A Most Marvelous Food

The way that the bees roll the pollen up with a tiny dab of honey creates an incredibly complex grouping of nutrients; nutrients that are bound together and which, when taken all together, can actually sustain life! It’s true, if you had nothing but bee pollen and water, you could survive indefinitely!

The health benefits of bee pollen are many and varied. From helping to bolster the immune system to helping to bring down inflammation and swelling and even acting as a catalyst for resetting the metabolism and boosting brain function, bee pollen has many uses. And while it does have its dangers, it is no more dangerous using bee pollen during pregnancy than it is to use bee pollen at any other time, as long as you have taken the necessary precautions.

Testing for Sensitivity

Before you begin taking any bee pollen, it is necessary to test your sensitivity to the pollen to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction. Of course, this is the proper way to test anything that you are trying for the first time whether it is a nutritional supplement or a hair dye, so why so many people think that it is dangerous, even during pregnancy, is anyone’s guess.

Basically, in order to test for sensitivity you simply need to start taking small amounts (a quarter of the tablet, a few granules at a time under your tongue), increasing the amount you take each day until you are quite certain that you will not be having any sort of allergic reaction to the pollen. If you do have a reaction, that does not mean that you should not take it at all, however, if you are pregnant and have a reaction, you should wait until after childbirth in order to begin taking it, as your child may be allergic.

Using Bee Pollen During Pregnancy

Once you have tested for sensitivity to bee pollen, you can then go ahead and add bee pollen as a regular supplement, even during pregnancy. The health benefits that normally are of a benefit to you will apply doubly to your child, and imagine being able to give them the gift of excellent health and wellness before they are even born! From boosting the development of the fetus to helping to promote healthy brain functioning, the benefits of using bee pollen during pregnancy far outweigh the dangers.

Bee Pollen and Breast Feeding

Once you have given birth, continue to take your bee pollen supplements. If you are breast feeding, be aware of any changes in your baby. If they start showing any signs of intolerance or sensitivity, you may want to reduce or suspend your use of the bee pollen until you have stopped breastfeeding, for your child may be allergic. However, if they are not allergic, the added benefit of bee pollen as a protection against allergies can be of great benefit to our child, especially when given in combination with the mother’s breast milk.

As you can see, using bee pollen during pregnancy is only a danger if you do not take precautions, and can in fact be a great benefit not only for you, but for the health and well-being of your baby.

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Is Bee Pollen Safe During Pregnancy?