Author: Chris

Chris is a parent of premature twins and knows very well the difficulties in raising twins.

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

baby shower edible centerpieces

Having a baby shower is a big tradition for new moms. Baby shower centerpieces have become a beautiful focal point for gifts or dishes to be sat around. There are a lot of different ideas on how to create a great looking and special centerpiece …

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A Guide to Types of Preemie Baby Clothes

Preemie Sleeper

There are so many various types of preemie baby clothes in several choices of fabric, color, patterns and style. Cotton is still the most popular type of fabric because it is soft and absorbent. Other popular fabrics include polyester because it is resistant to wrinkles …

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Babies can be sports fans, too

The website is the absolute best place to get all types of sports clothing for babies. Parents of babies are often fans of different sports teams and are looking to start their children off young so what better way to do that than to …

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Pregnant with Twins? Try Nopalea.

Inflammation is a common problem, especially when pregnant with twins. The weight that you are carrying causes your knees to hurt and even your ankles. Pregnancy causes your body to do some strange things. It can be quite the task to find safe ways to …

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