Author: Mikkie Mills

Is Your Child Ready for a Phone?

Child with phone

Some parents let their children have cell phones when they are quite young. Other parents prefer to wait until middle school or high school, when there may be more reasons to justify phone ownership. There are many considerations that could help you decide if the …

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Top 5 Sewing Projects for Your Newborn


Near the end of her pregnancy, most mothers experience some sort of nesting phase. For some, this phase involves cleaning everything imaginable in the home in preparation for the baby’s arrival. For others, it involves making sure that they have everything they will need to …

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5 Tricks to Finding a Baby Sitter

Baby Sitter

Almost every couple has to go through the time when they have to leave their children with someone else. Usually when people have a date night, a doctor’s appointment or a wedding anniversary to attend, they will simply appoint a babysitter. Appointing the ideal babysitter …

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